Winter Swimming Key to Water Safety

Despite the cold weather, it’s as important as ever that your child remains active and in the water throughout Winter. With heated pools and air temperatures throughout the centre, plus our great new changerooms available for a warm shower afterwards, keeping engaged in lessons has never been easier!

With swimming and water safety an essential life skill, here’s some helpful tips for remaining active this Winter:

Be safe and Summer ready!

Attending swimming lessons throughout Winter will allow your child to continue learning and help them to develop essential skills that will enhance their water awareness and safety come Summer when they will spend more time in and around the water.

Continual progression of their swimming skills

Without consistent lessons over Winter, it’s easy for your child to forget a lot of the great skills and techniques they have already developed, meaning it will take longer for them to progress when they return to the water. By remaining in lessons year-round, you’re supporting your child to continue developing and getting the best return on your investment in lessons.

Healthy Winter

Remaining active year-round is important for overall health, and swimming is a great way to maintain that fitness level. Unlike many sports that are played outdoors, our lessons are held in the heated comfort of an indoor facility meaning your child can enjoy getting some healthy exercise come rain, hail or shine!

Dress for the weather

We maintain an ambient temperature throughout the centre.  After your child’s lesson, we encourage your child to enjoy a warm shower in our recently upgraded change rooms, before dressing in warm clothing to leave the centre. This will help to maintain their body temperature and fight off the pesky cold on the short walk back to your car.

Enhance your child’s love for the water

Consistent activity in swimming lessons will help your child develop a natural feel for the water. This is a skill that is hard to teach in a short period, but is developed over time as more time is spent in the water. This helps to enhance learning by developing an understanding of how to move through the water to their advantage, and to feel more comfortable as they do.

Why should I continue swimming lessons throughout winter?
Year-round participation is key to ensuring your child doesn’t lose the valuable skills and muscle memory they have developed in class. Learn to swim and drowning prevention skills are far more effective when there is a consistent and continuous program in place, with any break leading to a decline in these skills, particularly in younger children.

Help us keep you and your child safe in and around the water by continuing with us this Winter and enjoying the many great benefits that swimming lessons have to offer!