If visiting us from the Greater Melbourne Area, we kindly ask, you wear a mask.

In line with the Victorian Government’s latest announcement, visitors from the Greater Melbourne Area are reminded to wear a face at all times when indoors. This requirement applies to anyone visiting from this area aged 12 years or older (unless medically exempt).

Customers visiting our centre from the Greater Melbourne Area are required to have their facemask appropriately in place before entering and to only remove it if:

  • Performing any exercise or class that causes you to be out of breath or puffing
  • Entering the pool or using showers

We wish to thank our visitors in advance for their cooperation, and encourage anyone with questions to contact our friendly team on (03) 5018 7500 or milduraaquaticfacilities@alignedleisure.com.au

Thank you for keeping us safe to stay open.