17 January 2022

To our valued customers and community members,

Right now, our community is faced with a public health crisis not seen before. It is having a widespread impact on individuals and businesses alike, with an increasing number of community members entering isolation as they follow the Government’s COVID response guidelines.

Our community’s aquatic facilities have not been immune to this situation, with many staff right across the municipality now in isolation as they too follow these guidelines. This has placed increasing pressure on fulfilling rosters, with staff availability significantly reduced at times.

While every effort has been made to see the doors remain open, with some tremendous displays of commitment from available team members to support this, there have unfortunately been times where staff availability has led to the reduction of opening times, and in some instances, unplanned closure of these valued community facilities.

To all who have shown their support and understanding through each of these instances, we say a heartfelt thank you.

As a community we are not yet through this crisis and will continue to be met by many challenges. This may create further instances where the only option for remaining open will be to reduce the opening times of selected facilities where staff availability is most heavily impacted.

We are not alone in this situation, with many workplaces across the Region working hard to keep their doors open. Our thoughts go out to everyone who is currently being impacted, and we ask that you please show kindness and support to all who are doing it tough right now.

With Summer now upon us and the hot weather here to stay for now, we are more committed than ever to ensuring you, your family and friends continue to have a safe place to swim, cool off and enjoy a great day out together as we welcome you with a smile to visit one of our many pools this season.

Until we see you next, take care, stay safe and thank you again for your support.


Caitlin Simmons                                  Mayor Cr Liam Wood

Senior Leisure Manager                     Mildura Rural City Council

Aligned Leisure