Studies in recent years have shown an alarming decline in physical activity in teenagers aged 15-16 years. In a positive effort to increase these numbers and to better support young adults in our community, Aligned Leisure has created the Year 10 Activation Program.

Designed to support and encourage Year 10 students across the Region to remain physically active, the program provides a free 40 visit pass for students to access Mildura Waves to assist in creating healthy exercise habits.

 As part of the program, our Head of Fitness and Community Programming, Jarrod Simmons and Gym Instructor, Jordan Fleri visited Year 10 students across the region to deliver a talk about the importance of staying physically fit and eating well, as well as the positive impact these habits can have on mental health. 

“We understand the importance of creating these healthy habits and how these can improve one’s physical health, but more importantly mental wellbeing having been through it myself.” said Head of Fitness, Jarrod Simmons. “This program is a great way for our team to connect and share our own personal experiences with students, and hopefully set them on the right path towards a healthy lifestyle by creating a safe and supported environment for them to visit us at Mildura Waves.”

If you have a child who is currently studying Year 10 and they are yet to enrol in this program, please email our team at to request further information