Name: Elizabeth Leighton

Age: 80 years young!

Written by: Elizabeth Leighton

I want to add my personal story to the overwhelming endorsement these days for EXERCISE!!!

Strong exercise is crucial to my well-being, together with sensible eating habits based on nutritious food. I have always been slim, and still enjoy excellent health, fitness and enjoyment of life.

Like many young girls of my era I took ballet classes into my mid-teens, then switched to ballroom dancing instead. I wasn’t gifted in sports, but bike-riding to school, and later to work, helped to maintain my fitness.

The next phase of life introduced marriage & babies. Wow! With a much more “limited lifestyle” I took frequent aerobics classes at various local gyms, as well as weight-training. My mother-in-law and husband were excellent babysitters!

Mildura Rural City Council then built the magnificent swimming pool/library/Waves Complex, introducing new aerobics classes for young & old, and modern, very effective gym equipment for muscle building. Bliss for dedicated exercisers!

More recently the gym, now operated by Aligned Leisure, added the Strong Movers aerobics classes that are perfect for senior citizens like me, and for younger women who want well-designed, safe, and yet energetic classes. These classes are fun and so satisfying. Even my brain is benefiting!

The minor annual cost to be a member of Mildura Waves is worth every cent for the well planned and efficiently run facilities that keep me feeling vibrant, happy, strong and pain-free. The magnificent, well-qualified instructors are always careful and encouraging for those with various injuries or failing fitness, and will demonstrate alternative movements.

Here’s to another happy year of good health, fitness and enjoyment of every day!